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Steps for Starting a Hassle-Free Bathroom Remodel

The fast pace of the modern life leaves us wanting a quaint place just for some alone time with ourselves. Although one may feel that that there are very few places in the world where one can truly be alone with their private thoughts without any external distractions– the fortunate news is that space can exist in our own house. Yes, we are talking about that room you retreat to soak yourself into a soothing bubble bath: The bathroom! This happy place has a similar stress-busting effect as a relaxing spa for most people. This is why remodeling a bathroom may be just what you need to up your spirits without taking that expensive spa retreat every once a while.

Just like most things peaceful, however, the effect strikes only if the ambiance is just right. Think of any place that you find pleasing–and you will find that the ‘relaxing’ effect only comes if one finds the place beautiful. This may be one of the biggest factors why most homeowners spend a lot of time and money to customize and decorate the bathroom–all in an attempt to make the bathroom their own personal sanctuary. The pressure to do it just right can be overwhelming, though…and it’s totally understandable. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Read on to find Everything you need to know before you start the bathroom remodel

Steps for Starting a Bathroom Remodel

  1. Understand and Define Your Motivations Clearly: Before you even think about factors like style or budget, ask yourself some questions about your needs and why you decided to renovate in the first place. This would differ by bathroom type, of course. The bathroom remodel for a full or master bath won’t be the same as a powder room. A good way to go about is to ask yourself questions like, “How often is this bathroom used?”, “How often do people of my family or visiting guests use this bathroom?” and “Do I have any water usage or drainage concerns?”. This helps you evaluate the bare necessities and also allows space for personal preferences. Make sure you target problem areas of the current space, and consider factors like ventilation and floor plan very circumspectly.

Tip: If you are looking to increase the resale value or increasing the aesthetic of the space, make sure you do a full redo of the space and include features that never go out of style, like a all white master bathroom. Opt for a mix between functionality and aesthetic for a proper investment. Do not underestimate the value of either.

  1. Prepare a Floor Plan: Even though bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms of the house, they tend to have a lot concentrated in that space. From a bath to a toilet and a dedicated vanity–there’s a lot going on. Without proper planning, the space can look very cramped up and become uncomfortable for use. A good way to go about is to decide which areas are “Wet areas” and “Dry areas”. Some homeowners even demarcate these areas with different tiles on the floor. Next, you should think about which fixtures and elements will go in what space. Without getting over-ambitious, try to prioritize elements as some of them might need to be skipped. For instance, a full bath tub might be a good fit for a larger master bathroom but may not be the ideal for the masterpiece guest room you are looking to create. We highly recommend that you get a consultation from a designer to help you with the floor plan.

Tip: Some remodeling companies, like our KBR Kitchen and Bath offer free consultation with designers. Make sure you use it to your advantage to help you get started.

  1. Prepare a Budget: Although it is a small space, it can be one of the most expensive places in the house. In fact, it is estimated that a bathroom remodel is the second most expensive remodel in the house after the kitchen. This is because bathrooms have evolved. Homeowners these days don’t just add a shower and a sink but add much more. Some opt for a romantic tub for two, while others go for a Jacuzzi. Some opt for spa like features with serene tones, others put expensive artwork for display. The wish-list can be endless with these many options out for inspiration. This is why you need to do a cost analysis for all things that are “Must Haves” before opting for some of the other items. We recommend studying prices for materials that you like and factoring in the cost of plumbing, installation, ventilation checks and so on. Allocate at least 70-80 percent of the entire budget for the items on priority. It’s good to estimate 10% for overruns as well. This way, you are better prepared for dealing with your finances mentally.

Tip: Base your expectations on reason as underestimating cost of things can take a toll on you later. By consulting professional remodeling companies in advance, you can understand the costs better and prepare yourself for a hassle-free remodel. You can take advantage of a free consultation too.

Final Words: You are ready! Now it’s time to make up your mind about style and other requirements and get moving. Having an idea of what your priorities are helps you make the best use of your budget. Pick a reliable designer or remodel company and you are all set. We wish you a happy remodel!

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